luni, 2 februarie 2009


"... what could I do with this perfect month?
What one thing can I promise myself to do every single day, for just 28 days, and keep my word about it, and how will I feel at the end when I have completed it?

What if I could just get inside of this box. I could say to myself "Here I am. I'm in February." How would I see the world from there and how would the world see me? How would I choose to BE inside this box?

What if I chose to be totally present and conscious, not walking around in a daze, but aware of each moment, taking nothing for granted, counting each blessing, savoring each encounter, relishing each experience, feeling grounded to the earth, perhaps for the very first time, viewing it all from a higher place than before. And if I found myself off centre, I could remember, "Hey, I'm in February" and get back in the box, so to speak, get right back on track. I could remember that again, and again and again, if I needed to. I could do that for just 28 little days!"

Happy February 2009!

~ by Veronica Hay