luni, 9 noiembrie 2009

Maybe tomorrow...

We have many wishes in our life, we want to get somewhere, we want to BE „something”, except what we are at the present moment.

We always think that, in order to get where we want, we have to gain more experience, to attend one more course, to prepare ourselves etc. There is always something more to do when we plan to be ourselves.
And it isn’t natural to be this way: you cannot plan on being you. You are or you aren’t. And when you choose being, just like that, it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve gained or what courses you attended. You simply exist and vibrate here and now.

When you really want to do something stop waiting for the right moment, that moment is NOW. Spaţiere de la stânga la dreaptaSimply choose being, doing what you want and existing through what makes you vibrate. Choose acting in the desired direction, which you feel clearly, without conditioning.

When you postpone something ask yourself what are you afraid of?! Ask yourself if you wait for the right moment because you actually don’t know what you really want... Or you wait for the right moment because it’s just easier in your confort area where you know what is going to happen?
Are you afraid of failure? Or maybe are you afraid of success? Which way will you go? Imagine yourself old and looking back you realize how many things you could have done if you didn’t say to yourself: maybe tomorrow... maybe when I’d be ready... maybe some day.

And don’t forget, you are special and TODAY, for sure, you are ready to be the way you are! Do not put off till tomorrow!

Article by Delia Muresan