joi, 18 iunie 2009

Rabbit Goes To School

This anecdote comes from Donald Clifton and Paula Nelson.

When Rabbit first went to school, he was delighted with what the
instructor told him. "Rabbit, you have fine legs. You hop well,
spring well and jump well. With some guidance, you can be an
excellent jumper." Rabbit loved every minute of the Hopping
class and excelled.

Then the Head Teacher said: "But Rabbit, you don't swim well or
climb trees at all well. You must stop the Jumping class and
concentrate on swimming and tree climbing."
So, Rabbit left the Jumping class that he loved and went to the
Swimming class and Tree climbing class that he hated.

After a while, miserable and dispirited, he begged his parents to
take him out of school. "If only I'd been allowed to stay in
Jumping," he thought.

Moral: For excellent performance, get people to develop what they
are already good at.