marți, 17 iunie 2008

You Will Never Be Alone

When you are feeling all alone
Down-hearted, sad and blue,
And you think that there is just no one
Who really cares for you,
Just look above and you will see
A Friend so near and dear;
His tender love and gentle care
Is offered you right here.
Christ gave His very life for you

No greater love than this;
No need to wait for heavens gate
To know true joy and bliss;
Just surrender your all to Him,
You will be so richly blessed;
He will be your Lord and dearest Friend
And give to you His best.
When you are down, He will lift you up,
He will warm a heart grown cold;
His heavenly manna from above
Will satisfy your soul.
In Him you will find a peace and joy
Like you have never known,
He will walk beside you evermore...

You Will Never Be Alone.