marți, 23 iunie 2009

The Stand-In Tenor

Several years ago, a world-famous tenor had been booked to appear
at a Paris opera house. The performance was a sell-out. However,
just before the curtain rose, the house manager took the stage
and announced that, due to a throat infection, the star could not
appear. Instead, they had found a replacement at short notice.

The audience groaned in disappointment. The name of the stand-in
was hardly noticed.

The stand-in gave the performance of his life. At the end, there
was an uncomfortable silence as he stepped forward to take his
bow. No one applauded.

Then from an upstairs balcony, a boy shouted out: "Well done,
Dad! I thought you were great!"

Within a few seconds, the silence of the auditorium was broken
with thunderous and heartfelt applause.

Moral: Praise people for what they do, not what they do compared
to others.