vineri, 3 iulie 2009

A Bee

Truly empowering managers are often unaware of what they do to create an environment in which others flourish.

This is how Walt Disney described his role.
"You know I was stumped the other day when a little boy asked me: "Do you draw Mickey Mouse?" I had to admit I do not draw any more. "Then you think up all the jokes and ideas?" "No," I said, "I don't do that either." Finally, he looked at me and said: "Mr Disney, what do you do?" "Well," I said, "Sometimes I think of myself as a little bee. I go from one area of the studio to another and gather pollen and sort of stimulate everybody. I guess that's the job I do. I certainly don't consider myself a businessman and I never did believe I was worth anything as an artist. Yes, I'm a bee with pollen."

Moral: You can sometimes do more through inspiration than perspiration.