duminică, 6 septembrie 2009

Time to Think

The car-maker Henry Ford hired an efficiency expert to go through
his plant. He said: "Find the unproductive people. Tell me who
they are and I'll fire them!"

The expert made his rounds with his clipboard in hand and finally
returned to Henry Ford's office with his report. "I've found a
problem with one of your managers," he said. "Every time I
walked past his office, he was sitting with his feet propped on
the desk doing nothing. I definitely think you should consider
getting rid of him."

When Ford asked who the man was, he shook his head and said: "I
can't fire him. I pay that man to do nothing but think. And
that's what he's doing."

Moral: In the Information Age, thinking is more important than

Sursa: http://www.managetrainlearn.com/