marți, 18 noiembrie 2008

Lesson Of The Moving Tree

Once upon a time there was a little tree. He sat in the soil and danced in the wind. And he looked around and saw the other trees.

"Man, they sure look taller than me," said the little tree. "Probably it's the soil," he mumbled.
So he lifted up his roots and moved over to the part of the garden which he thought had better soil. A few weeks later the little tree looked up again.

Probably, it's the sunshine

"Damn," he cursed under his breath,"the other trees are growing taller than me. Probably it's the sunshine. Let me move into where I get more sunshine."
And so the little tree moved from point to point, always picking up his roots. Always moving. Always searching for the right soil, water, fertiliser, sunshine and other more favourable conditions.

And he stayed stunted

The trees that stayed in one place built strong roots. Their barks grew solid. Their branches soared. And the little tree stayed little.

Are you a little tree?

A tree that keeps uprooting itself doesn't get a chance to grow. It stays confused and scattered. Stay where you are. Learn what you need to. And grow strong roots. That's what will make you a big tree.
Move upward. Not sidewards.

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