luni, 20 aprilie 2009

Happy Easter!

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Despre Lumina

Fiind ziua Sfintelor Pasti, astazi am sa povestesc o istorioara personala cu totul speciala, un insight, despre Lumina si natura ei.
Nu demult, intr-un weekend, ma pregateam sa ies din casa. Ca oricare alta persoana imi verificam telefoanele si alte “accesorii” fara de care nu pleci de acasa. Nu aveam porte-monnaie-ul si nici cheile. Ma intorc, asadar, acolo unde obisnuiesc sa le asez: pe masuta televizorului, in fata acestuia.
Cand aproape am ajuns in fata televizorului am observat ceva ce m-a retinut locului cateva secunde: led-ul de stand-by al televizorului se reflecta atat de fidel in pixul de langa portofel incat aveai impresia ca sunt doua led-uri, nu unul singur.
M-am bucurat pentru acele secunde de starea de uimire, desi nu se intampla decat un fenomen fizic absolut normal. Evident, lumina se reflecta pe orice suprafata, mai ales bine slefuita. Dar catch-ul este chiar aici! Dati-mi voie sa repet: sursa de lumina se reflecta pe suprafata pregatita sa reflecte!
Exact asa este si cu Dumnezeu si sufletul omului, cu sufletul si corpul, cu Constiinta si viata, cu Frumusetea si fiinta umana, cu Persuasiunea, Adevarul si cuvintele, cu modelul/maestrul si ucenicul etc.
Cand, in urma miilor de ore de exersare, ti-ai slefuit talentul si abilitatile, geniul si toate caracteristicile surselor tale de inspiratie vor straluci si in tine!
Trebuie doar sa “creezi” suprafata potrivita pe care Sursa sa se poata reflecta. Si cum ar fi ca sufletele noastre sa-l reflecte pe Dumnezeu? Cum ar fi ca noi sa fim o reflectie a Frumusetii pure? Cum ar fi ca in cuvintele noastre sa se reflecte numai Adevarul?
Va doresc un Paste Fericit, in care Lumina sa va deschida catre Dragoste, Adevar, Frumos, Recunostinta si Bunatate! Va doresc un Paste in care Lumina sa se reflecte in voi!

~ articol scris de Octav Dafinoiu


sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2009

Cristos a Inviat!

Si-au tremurat stapanii lumii
La glasul blandului profet
Si-un dusman au vazut in fiul
Dulgherului din Nazareth!

El n-a venit sa razvrateasca
Nu vrea pieirea nimanui;
Descult, pe jos, colinda lumea
Si multi hulesc in urma lui.

Si multi cu pietre il alunga
Si rad de el ca de-un smintit:
Iisus zambste tuturora-
Atotputernic si smerit!

El orbilor le da lumina,
Si mutilor le da cuvant,
Pe cei infirmi ii intareste,
Pe morti ii scoala din mormant.

Si tuturor de o potriva.
Imparte darul lui ceresc-
Si celor care cred intr-insul,
Si celor ce-l batjocoresc.

Urasca-l cei fara de lege...
Cei pasa lui de ura lor?
El a venit s-aduca pacea
Si infratirea tuturor.

Din toata lumea asupritii
In jurul lui s-au gramadit
Si-n vijeliile de patimi
La glasul lui au amutit:

"Fiti blanzi cu cei ce va insulta,
Iertati pe cei ce va lovesc,
Iubiti pe cei ce-n contra voastra
Cu vrajmasie se pornesc"...

Cat bine, cata fericire,
Si cata dragoste-ai adus!
Si oamenii drept rasplatire
Pe cruce-ntre talhari te-au pus.

Au ras si te-au scuipat in fata
Din spini cununa ti-au facut,
Si in desarta lor trufie
Stapani desupra-ti s-au crezut...

Aduceti piatra cea mai mare
Mormantul sa-i acoperiti
Chemati sutasii cei mai ageri,
Si straji de noapte randuiti...

S-au veselit necredinciosii
C-au pus luminii stavilar,
Dar ea s-a intarit in focul
Durerilor de la Calvar,

Si valurile-i neoprite
Peste pamant se impanzesc,
Ducand dreptate si iubire
Si pace-n neamul omenesc.

Voi toti, ce-ati plans in intuneric
Si nimeni nu v-a mangaiat,
Din lunga voastra-nghenunchere
Sculati... Christos a Inviat!

~ de Alexandru Vlahuta

duminică, 5 aprilie 2009

400 Hours of Learning

Imagine I told you I could give you 400 hours of time. Time you could spend doing nothing but learning. Learning a new skill. Or getting relevant information.

But where could you get 400 hours of undisturbed time?
In your car,that's where!
Take the time to learn while you're on the road, rather than just sitting down and listening to the idiotic dribble on radio.

You don't need to hear the latest news.
You don't need to hear Chopper Dave as he gives you the traffic report. You don't need to listen to the blathering of yet another politician. What you need to do is improve your skills, while on the move.

Now you may consider yourself a ‘non-audio’ person
In fact, it's more than likely that some of you don't really like to listen to information on audio. You'd prefer to read a PDF, or a book, or watch a video.
You like to take notes while learning. And if you're driving, you can't possibly do that, can you?

And here's my answer to your question
You don't have to write down a word. You just have to listen. And then play the audio back on the next trip. And the next trip. And as you guessed, the next trip as well.
When I started out in business, I'd listen to the same audio as many as fifty times. Yes, that tape (we had tapes back then, remember?) wouldn't even flip to Side B. Side A would play on and on endlessly.

And there's a reason for this endless loop.
You used this concept when you learned a language as a child. You heard the word 'carbon' for instance, and you had to hear it several times, and then with reference to several other objects and situations, before you could accurately associate the word 'carbon' with its right meaning and usage.
Every time I was listening to the same tape, I wasn't necessarily hearing the same information. I was creating new associations. I hear things I missed the first time.
I'd hear things I'd misunderstood because I couldn’t take in all the information all at once. And the more I listened the better I got at understanding the concepts of business.
Every person on this planet who drives, or goes for a walk, or spends his/her time huffing and puffing should improve their skills by listening to audio.

But guess what?
All I ever hear are excuses. People tell me why they can't do this, and can't do that.
Well, I've heard all the excuses. And if you're driven enough, you can put those excuses in the trash can, and make sure it goes out on garbage day. Because the excuses are costing a lot.

So how much is 'a lot?'
Consider that a full day live workshop is often no more than six hours long, and most people drive about two hours every day. This means they're driving about 12 hours a week.
That's two workshops a week. If you were to work only 35 weeks out of 52 weeks in a year, you'd be doing the equivalent of 70 whole days of

You see, you do have time.
But your excuses are bigger than your time. And if you can sidestep that mountain of excuses you'll have more time than ever before, and here's why!
1) You'll make use of all that time you've been wasting.
2) You'll learn so much, that you'll run your business using smarter
techniques, thus saving even more time.

Are you ready to turn the channel to expertise?
P.S. I don't drive much any more. A tank of petrol lasts me well over a month (sometimes two). That's because my office is less than 7 minutes from my home.

So here's what I do. I walk.
I am now in the process of learning both Spanish and French at the same time. And I have no time in the day to do it, seeing that I am reasonably busy. So when do I learn the language? Yes, when I'm off for my walk, over the hill, and down to the beach.
I realise that if I miss my walk, I not only miss my exercise, but I also miss the learning.
If you're serious about becoming an expert, here's what you need to do. Move to audio. And do some activity while listening to audio.
And watch how you become an expert of sorts while doing something else.

Next Step:
a) Listen to the Psychotactics podcasts (they're free).
b) Or you can subscribe via iTunes (type in the keyword Psychozingers). Then subscribe, and put all the audio into a playlist and then get driving. Or walking. Or both.